2004 - Sewage pipe system GIGAPIPE.


The result of DROSSBACH's development work keeping todays and future market requirements in mind is a unique corrugated pipe system GIGAPIPE excelling by the following five components:

  • Complete pipe range with nominal diameters ranging from DN/ID 150 to DN/ID 1,000 / 6" - 39".
  • Shaft range in monolith construction.
  • Inline socket and custom-built compression gasket.
  • Extensive, high-quality fitting range.
  • SAFECONNEC: reliable protection of the pipe-to-pipe connection for long-term tightness of the system.

All the pipes and fittings of the GIGAPIPE system comply with the standards and are thus permanently tight up to an inside pressure of 0.5 bars. They even resist a short-time overpressure
of 2.5 bars. This is true for pipes under laboratory conditions, in practical applications and for angular or deformed elements. High-pressure cleaning at up to 180 bars is admissible.

Thanks to SAFECONNEC, the GIGAPIPE system satisfies the guidelines of the DWA worksheet No. 142 (33) without further requirements and can thus be used without restrictions in water protection areas and zones.