DROSSBACH Flexi-Wind - For a perfect finish of your coiled pipe.

Flexi Wind


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  • High-quality coiler for flexible chimney and ventilation pipe, single and double wall.
  • Adjustable inner core for minimized packing sizes.
  • Flexible coil widths for different product lengths.
  • Optional shrink foil arm for perfect product finish.
  • Many scales for easy adjustment.
  • Simple operation with a foot paddle.
  • Continuously adjustable speed. Forwards and backwards.


Technical Data of the Flexi-Wind:  

Coil inside diameter 0,4 - 1.0 m
Max. coil outside diameter 2,0 m
Coil width 0,3 - 1,25 m
Max. coil weight 90 kg
Max. pipe diameter 250 mm



Flexible chimney liners acc. to EN 1856, tightness class P1


 Flexible HVAC ducts acc. to DIN 24146