DROSSBACH SPF COMPACT - The most economic way to produce chimney pipe.

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  • Most economic basic spiral pipe machine to produce flexible chimney flue liners from 50 to 200 mm (2" to 8"). Double wall or single wall liners possible.
  • Machine is downsized as much as possible but including all typical DROSSBACH features.
  • Easiest adjustments and recreation of production settings, with a multitude of scales.
  • All necessary parts are integrated in one machine frame, strip guide, profiling unit, automatic strip lubrication, pipe winding and closing system.
  • Optional flying automatic saw offers constant running pipe production.
  • Optional manual material decoiler with adjustable core and strip break.
  • Diameter changeover possible in less than 10 minutes for highest flexibility and lowest storage effort.
  • Automatic strip lubrication for highest efficiency.
  • All pipe designs are made of one single strip.
  • Well-lit working station
  • All diameter tools and profiling equipments can be interchanged with SPF 250.


Technical Data SPF COMPACT:

Max. strip speed 65 m/min / 213 ft./min
Max. pipe diameter 200 mm / 8"
Strip thickness:  
• Aluminium or stainless steel up to 0,18 mm / .007"
Max. strip width 54 mm / 2.126"
Max. pipe length 100 m / 328 ft.
Min. pipe length 0,30 m / 1 foot
Electrical power 7 kW
Compressed air supply 6,0 bar
Weight 800 kg / 1,764 lbs



 Flexible chimney liners acc. to EN 1856, tightness class P1, double wall, inside smooth




 Flexible chimney liners acc. to EN 1856, tightness class P1, single wall




Aluminium or stainless steel