DROSSBACH SR 300 - Highest flexibility with a machine for all purpose.



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You can find a video of the SR 300 at  "DROSSWORLD" on youtube.

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  • Versatile machine to produce post tensioning and heavy flex exhaust pipe.
  • Second lubrication system can easily installed with a plug-and-play connection for flexible single and double wall pipe for chimney and ventilation applications.
  • Central operator panel with touch screen for easy control.
  • Synchronized drivers enable strip speeds up to 75 m/min.
  • Adjustable core of uncoiler for flexible material purchase.
  • Integrated automatic cutter allows permanent production without stop.
  • Various pipe designs can be produced by means of different tools at minimum changeover possible in less than 10 minutes for highest flexibility and lowest storage effort.
  • All pipe designs are made of one single strip.
  • Full computerized and programmable production.
  • USB connection at the operation panel allows periodical analysis of the production data.
  • Integrated modem for trouble shooting, software updates or language uploads.
  • Computerized and programmable handling of orders and production batches.
  • Most diameter tools and profiling equipments can be interchanged between SPF 450 S and SPF 250.
  • Plug-and-play connection to optional compressing unit and printer.
  • Well-lit working station
  • Diameters up to 300 mm (10"), depending on pipe design.


Technical data of the SR 300:  

Max. strip speed 75 m / min
Max. pipe diamter 300 mm
 Strip thickness:  
 • steel, galvanised or stainless up to 0,6 mm
 • aluminum up to 0,18 mm
Max. strip width 54 mm
Max. pipe length 200 m
Min. pipe length 0,50 m
Electrical power 19,5 kW
Compressed air supply 6,0 bar
Weight 1.200 kg



Flexible chimney liners acc. to EN 1856, tightness class P1


 Flexible HVAC ducts acc. to DIN 24146



Heavy flex
 Heavy flex and heavy flex hybrid pipe for exhaust and chimneys



S Profil
 post tensioning pipe and connectors acc. to EN 523 und EN 524




Aluminium, stainless steel or other specific materials.