DROSSBACH SPF 450 S - Premium technology for highest flexibility.



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You can find a video of the SPF 450 S at  "DROSSWORLD" on youtube.

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  • Premium spiral pipe machine to produce flexible single and double wall pipe for chimney and ventilation applications.
  • Central operator panel with touch screen for easy control.
  • Synchronized drivers enable strip speeds up to 100m/min / 328 ft/min.
  • Adjustable core of uncoiler for flexible material purchase.
  • Integrated automatic cutter allows permanent production without stop.
  • Various pipe designs can be produced by means of different tools at minimum changeover times.
  • Diameter changeover possible in less than 10 minutes for highest flexibility and lowest storage effort.
  • Automatic strip lubrications for highest efficiency.
  • All pipe designs are made of one single strip.
  • Full computerized and programmable production.
  • USB connection at the operation panel allows periodical analysis of the production data.
  • Integrated modem for trouble shooting, software updates or language uploads.
  • Computerized and programmable handling of orders and production batches.
  • Most diameter tools and profiling equipments can be interchanged between SPF 250 and SR 300.
  • Plug-and-play connection to optional compressing unit and printer.
  • Well-lit working station
  • Diameters up to 450 mm (18"), depending on pipe design.


Technical Data of the SPF 450 S:  

Max. strip speed 100 m/min / 328 ft./min
Max. pipe diameter 450 mm / 18"
Strip thickness:  
 • steel, galvanised or stainless up to 0,16 mm / .006"
 • aluminium up to 0,18 mm / .007"
Max. strip width 115 mm / 4.528"
Max. pipe length 200m / 656 ft.
Min. pipe length 0,50 m / 1.6 ft
Electrical power 11,5 kW
Compressed air supply 6,0 bar
Weight 1600 kg / 3,527 lbs



Flexible chimney liners acc. to EN 1856, tightness class P1


 Flexible HVAC ducts acc. to DIN 24146




Aluminium, stainless steel or other specific materials.