DROSSBACH SR 200-T2 - Unbreakable reliability for endless production.


SR200 T2 freigestellt


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You can find a video of the SR 200-T2 at  "DROSSWORLD" on youtube.

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  • Famous long-life machine with world-wide reputation to produce post tensioning pipe from 25 to 210 mm / 1" to 8.1/4". Now as upgrade to the well-known bestseller.
  • All important parts integrated in one machine frame, strip guide, profiling unit, automatic saw.
  • Easiest adjustments and recreation of production settings, with a multitude of scales.
  • Variety of sheathing can be produced with three different standard pipe profile designs. Various special pipe profiles can be designed.
  • High torque and performance for heavy duty pipe up to 0,6 mm / .024" strip thickness.
  • Flying automatic saw for pipe cut durng production.
  • Short-length sheathing connectors can be produced inline.
  • Strip lubrication by coolant water for highest efficiency.
  • Spot-welder available to join strip ends, plug-in possible into control board of the SR 200-T2:
  • Well-lit working station
  • 2 sizes of Ovalizers available to flatten the sheathing into 70 x 21 mm and 85 x 21 mm including the matching couplers.

Technical Data of the SR 200-T2:  

Max. strip speed   70 m/min / 230 ft./min
Max. pipe diameter 210 mm / 8.1/4"
 Strip thickness:  
 • steel, galvanised or stainless up to  0,6 mm /.024"
Max. strip width 78 mm / 3.071"
Max. pipe length 150 m / 492 ft.
Min. pipe length 0,30 m / 1 foot
Electrical power 14,1 kW
Compressed air supply 6,0 bar
Weight 1.200 kg / 2,646 lbs



S Profil

 Post tensioning pipe and connectors acc. to EN 523 und EN 524


Heavy flex
 Heavy flex and heavy flex hybrid pipe for exhaust and chimneys




Mild, galvanized and stainless steel or other specific materials.