DROSSBACH - Always there for you.

You would like to have a new pipe profile, which is tailored to your particular needs?
We could do it for you! While being in permanent dialog with you, we will find and design the ideal pipe designed tailored for your market requirements.

Your machine is reacting different than expected?
Here, you will get any kind of support. The re-establishement of the optimum manufacturing process is our highest priority. Frequently possible is a quick support via telephone or e-mail. Nearly all DROSSBACH machinens are equiped with a modem, which allows a quick access to PLC, drive unit and operation panel. Furthermore a DROSSBACH Service Technician could be in your plant in short time.

You need spare parts for your DROSSBACH machines?
It doesn‘t matter which DROSSBACH machine you have or when you bought it. We are able to supply all kinds of original spare parts for all DROSSBACH machines. Mostly these parts are even in stock.


For corrugated plastic pipe machine issues please contact:
Mr. Karlheinz Schmidt



For metal pipe machine issues please contact:
Mr. Thomas Zell



For any interests or enquiries for a new DROSSBACH machine we certainly have always an open ear.